Don’t bargain with yourself.

Unfluence is a Chrome Extension that helps you save money by hiding deceptive techniques used by E commerce companies. Get it here:

Amazon and other e commerce websites are making you bargain with yourself
When you see a product on amazon with a list price of 11000 RS, and”offer price” of 8000 RS. you are not saving 3K, you are actually paying 8k.

Unfluence hides all such manipulative stuff from your amazon browsing. It also disables the sponsored products and recommended products on the product pages. This means that your browsing history is not being used against you to make you buy that extra pair of socks.

Unfluence does not affect the Amazon homepage so that you can see the great sales and promotions while being confident that your normal search will not be influenced by the website.

Unfluence currently only works on and We will add other websites soon.

For feedback related to the Extension Please mail to Piyushhat{at}gmail{dot}com