This is Piyush Hatwalne. I am an IIT Hyderabad Graduate with 3 years experience Product Management and Business Analytics.

I am proficient in Advanced Excel, Google Analytics, Dashboarding tools like Power BI and Tableau, PHP, wordpress development and SQL. I also have a basic understanding of Python for data analysis and web development in HTML/CSS and JS.

I have built and launched a job portal for migrant domestic workers. Post launch, I optimized the employer onboarding flow which increased the conversion by 25%. I also implemented an innovative chatbot for onboarding blue collar workers which increased conversion rate 10x.

I also have worked as Sr. Business analyst at Merliytics. Here, I have helped solve critical business problems for multiple clients using data analysis by performing Customer Lifetime value analysis, SKU rationalization, Financial valuation analysis. Marketing lift and ROI analysis.

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